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Franco, Masiya Simaro & TP OK Jazz – Mabele – Paroles – Lyrics



Soso eleli eh soso ekolela ngoya oh, 1.

Soso ekolela oh bandoki bazongi ndako2.


Sima yango ngonga tongo ekotana. 3.

Tongo ekotana oh ndeko ya makambo4.

Basusu na bisengo, basusu na mawa. 5.


Wapi yo Mbole oh?6.

Kady opesi kanda esika na motema.7.

Bougie ekotangisa ta mpinzoli mpo na pasi8.


Eleli mpasi ya moto, ngai naleli ya lolango eh.9.

Okoki ata kobanza otiki moto akobela. 10.

Oh mpo na yo oh bolingo eleki metele mama ah!11.


Mabele oh dit Zuani eh Mabele!.

Motu na bolenge alingi asala economie. 12.

Azali nde kobanza mokolo akokoma mobange13.


Akoma mobange a changer nde makanisi. 14

Alobi aliya falanga na ye nyionso abomba.15.

Noki etikla oh naba oyo bamonaki mpasi te basakana na falanga.16.


Mabele ngai nalela yeahMabele .Mabele yeyeyeye!

Mokolo nakokoma mobange masini eh. 17.

Nayebi nakotambola na nzete na balabala18.


Mpo nasengaka likuta ngai nabikela oh. 19.

Basusu batunaka soki ngai nabalaki te. 20.

Basusu batunaka soki ngai nabotaki te.21.


Ba oyo nakabelaka bakomi nde koseka ngai. 22.

Nakipa te oh Nzambe nasalaka la vie ya sans soucis23.

Mabele Mabele Mabele ye ye ye


Mabele oh dit Lumengo ye eh..

Mabele dit Veko yeyeyeye!

Mabele oh dit Katima yeyeye. Mabele oh!


(Oka sebeneMawa!)

Mokolo nakokufa nkake ekobeta! 24.

Dit Tatima yolobelaka bato maloba na ngai ya nsuka.25.


Moto na ngai bakamata basala monuman.26.

Soki mopaya aye balobela ye nsango.27.

Ba mbanda bakosepela basi ngai natiki28.


Ba famille yengo kosepela biloko ngai natiki29.

Binemie bakoloba :Apusaka lofundu; Ebembe ya soso matanga te.30.

Nalanga nzembo, nalanga makambo. Mabeleeee !31.


La vie na ngai ye oya sans souci eh. 32.

Muasi/mobali na ngai nzinzi famille na ngai mabele33.

Nawuta na mabele, nakozonga na mabele34


Mokolo nakokufa nayebi nakopola eh.35.

Baliyaka na ngai bakokanga zolo na nsolo.36.

Bamelaka na ngai bakoki ba kosukola ngai37.


Ebembe ya MASIYAAta bokimi eh banzinzi bakolela ngai 38.

Nazali na confiance eh.Mabeleeeee!39.

La vie na ngai eh oya ba yankee oh.40.


Falanga nasalaka ya mboto na lituma.41.

Mwasi/Mobali aboya ngai kasi kopo ya masanga ve!42.

Etoko na ngai nasomba mpo na ngiliba.43.


Tokoluka tozipa miso tongo etanela44.

Namesana kolata kaki na lipapa45.

Oh mpo nayebi eh : Mokolo tokokufaka tokendeke na drap ya pempe46.


Ata ozali riche te..Mabele ngai nalela ye. 47.

Ye yeyeye mama! Mpokua ekomi yo moyi mokota eh. 48.

Butu ekoyinda mokolo mua ba ndoki banganga.49.


Libala oyo ya mwana na kati eh. 50.

Masuwa ekokufaka libongo ekotikalaka51.

Mama na Lola, tangelaka mwana kombo ya Papa Masiya.52.


Mokili ekokufa masumu eleki. 53.

Kasi kombo ya Nzambe ekotikala seko.54.

Mondele asala mandoki ya koboma bato56.


Kasi ya koboma verite mondele akoki te57.

Mabele oh Ngai nalela ye

Mabele Mabele Mabele yeyeyeye


Mabele oh Mabele!

The rooster is crowing Oh yeah the cock is crowing, 1.

As the rooster crows, ghosts are returning home2.


Soon enough, the sun will rise. 3.

And the coming of the day, is the rise of our problems4.

Finding some happy and still some others mourning. 5.


What about you Mbole ?6.

Kady, you gave way to anger in your heart.7.

As the candle shed its tears out of pain8.


Its pain is from the heat; but mine is out of longing.9.

Why cant you worry about an afflicted soul . 10.

Cause I know ; for you, love is surely a master!11.


Mabel e oh dit Zuani ehMabele!


When a man is young, he wants to save for rainy days. 12.


Cause he knows some day he will turn into an old man13.

But when he gets old, he often changes his mind. 14

Spending all the wealth he once held as treasure.15.


Thinking it might fall in the hands of those who did not suffer for it.16.

Mabele ngai nalela yeahMabele .Mabele yeyeyeye!

But when I get old I swear. 17.


I know I will walk the streets holding a stick in my hand18.

As a beggar looking for salvation from a few coins. 19.

Some will wonder : Didnt he ever wed? 20.


Some will wonder : Didnt he ever had any children?21.

Those to whom I showed kindness will then make fun of me. 22.

God I dont care. I live a life of no worries23.


Mabel e Mabele Mabele ye ye yeMabele oh dit Lumengo ye eh..Mabele dit Veko yeyeyeye!

Mabele oh dit Katima yeyeye. Mabele oh!

(Oka sebeneMawa!)


On the day I die there will be a lightning strike! 24.

Dear Tatima recount these last words to the world.25.

I want my head used to erect a monument.26.


So that visitors from abroad can hear my story.27.

My rivals will rejoice because of girl friends I will leave behind28.

My family will rejoice because of the wealth I will leave behind29.


My enemies will say:He was too arrogantNo funeral for a dead chicken.30.

I am a musician, that is my destiny. !31.

My life is one of no worries. 32.


My woman is just a fly and my family is the ground (earth)33.

I was created from the earth I will return to the earth34

When I die I know my body will disintegrate.35.


Those that ate with me will shut their noses because of the bad smell . 36.

Those that went out for drinks with me would not want to wash my body 37.

But even if you run away, flies will mourn a deceased MASIYA. 38.


I am quite sure of that.!39.

My life is one of getho boys.40.

The money I make is to buy a fish or a piece of meat.41.


A woman can reject me, but a glass of beer will never42.

I have a quilt instead of a roof over my head.43.

Dont we all just wanna cover ourselves till the morning comes44.


I am used to wearing kaki clothes and sandals45.

For I know : When we die, we all get to wear a white drape46.

Even if you are not wealthy. 47.


Oh mother! The night is here and the sun will set 48.

The night will darken it is time for sorcerers and witches.49.

But remember that from our union a child was born.50.


The ship may sink but the port remains51.

Lolas mother: Tell our daughter Daddys name is MASIYA.52.

This world will come to pass, for there are too many sins. 53.


But the name of God will remain till the end of times.54.

The White Man invented bullets to kill other humans55.

But to kill the truth, the White Man has not been able to56.


Mabele oh Ngai nalela yeMabele Mabele Mabele yeyeyeye

Mabele oh Mabele!